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The course is based on the International Building Code 2012 edition and the ASCE 7 standard 2010 edition. The course is designed to raise awareness of the potential risks associated with non‐ structural failures and the costly consequences associated with those failures. Attendees will be guided down a path to discover why restraint requirements exist, what are the restraint requirements, what happens when restraints are not properly designed and installed, and understand the key roles that each party on the design and installation team play in assuring compliance.

Course Outline

  • Why we have Seismic & Wind Requirements
  • Examples of Non‐Structural Components
  • Code references to Seismic & Wind
  • Identify key terminology
    • Risk Category
    • Seismic Design Category
    • Component Importance Factor
    • Consequential Damage
    • Designated Seismic System
    • Component Certifications
    • Special Inspections
    • Contractor Responsibility
  • Determining exemptions
  • Duct requirements
  • Suspended ceiling systems & integrated services
  • In-line Equipment
  • Toxic / Highly Toxic
  • Importance of housekeeping pads, wall backing, etc.
  • Current approach to purchase of seismic/wind engineering
  • Issues with current approach
  • Benefits of partnering with Synergy

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